Panda coil summer pack


Spiral insecticide elegant terracotta container

PANDA COIL is a highly effective insecticide against mosquitoes and protection against all mosquitoes for the whole family. Protects by killing and repelling mosquitoes. PANDA COIL is virtually unbreakable, the spirals do not break in the act of separation. PANDA COILs are produced using only recycled paper and cardboard, without the use of any toxic co-formulants. PANDA COIL uses Pyrethrum concentrate as an active ingredient, extracted from the chrysanthemum flower, a protection already used as a repellent against mosquitoes since Ancient Rome.

PANDA COIL spirals are packed in a modern FLOWRAP which contains 10 plus a metal support to allow safe and simple positioning and combustion. Open the package and take the spirals, divide the two spirals easily and without any risk of breaking, place them on the appropriate metal support, turn on the outer end, place the spiral in the garden, on the patio, on the windowsill, but in any case in external. PANDA COILS are perfect for your travels, camping with or without your camper. PANDA COILs offer insecticide protection for over 4 hours (normal format), and a package of 20 spirals guarantees 80 hours of peace of mind in your outdoor activities.

One carton contains 20 spirals + 2 metal stands + 1 terracotta container