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Mosquito-click patented electrostimulator against mosquito bites

MOSQUITO-CLICK is the revolutionary electronic device to soothe the effects of mosquito bites. MOSQUITO-CLICK was conceived in Italy, is produced in Italy and is patented all over the world. MOSQUITO-CLICK acts immediately if applied to the skin at the first signs of itching that identify the bite of a mosquito; it does not contain or release any chemical substance and is therefore suitable for adults and CHILDREN FROM 6 MONTHS OF AGE. MOSQUITO-CLICK acts, on the bites, with a few clicks to apply (from 5 to 10) which eliminate itching and swelling. Its operation occurs through the emission of short electrical impulses, safe for the human body, which BLOCK THE FORMATION OF HISTAMINE, a principle already in use in medicine for some time, its effectiveness is confirmed by numerous scientific studies. MOSQUITO-CLICK has no contraindications, it is ecological, it lasts up to 25,000 CLICKs, allowing you to solve up to 5,000 annoying mosquito bites without time limits. MOSQUITOCLICK does not require batteries, has minimal dimensions.

MOSQUITO – CLICK is easy to use: just hold it between the index and middle finger using the thumb to activate the button positioned at the upper end. Place the tapered part of the MOSQUITO-CLICK on the puncture and press the activation button repeatedly as needed (from 5 to 10 pulses). A reduced dose ranging from 1 to 6 pulses is sufficient for children.

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