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Stuttgart onions ∅ mm 14/21


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Things to know:

N. bulbils / 100 m² of cultivation in direct planting (investment density): 2500-3000

Quantity of cloves in kg per 100 m² of direct planting: 9-10

N. bulbils / 100g: 25-30

Production of heads in kg per 100 m² of cultivation: 250-300

Shape and color of the bulbils: Round, yellow

Shape and color of the bulb: Flat, yellow

Vegetative cycle in days referring to spring crops: 120-150

Earliness: Medium early

Notes: Good shelf life. for autumn-winter consumption

Planting depth in cm: 3-4

Distance between and on the row in cm (planting density): 30x10 / 15 (about 25-30 plants / m²)