Mosquito shield


Aerosol insecticide for outdoor environments

Forms an impassable barrier for mosquitoes for 8 hours. Target insects: mosquitoes, tiger mosquitoes, sand flies. Odorless and colorless, it does not leave marks on fabrics.

The latest generation active ingredients, deposited on the surfaces, are released into the environment forming an impassable barrier for mosquitoes in the 8 hours following application. Apply from a distance of 30/50 cm on the surfaces (including plants) of terraces, balconies, lawns, gazebos, kiosks, verandas, windows, parts of the garden, a few minutes before staying in the areas.

The product should be applied to the outside of surfaces and structures where we stay for a barbecue or where children play in order to create an invisible protective cage.

650 ml / 500 ml bottle